We’re back! Racing starts Feb 2021!

Welcome to the Victorian Enduro Tour – The leading series of Gravity Enduro Races in Australia. Taking place across the best venues in the heart of Australia’s premier riding destination the VET offers racers the opportunity to challenge themselves on some of the best riding in the Country.  

After a bumpy start (well 2020 never really got going!) the VET is BACK with racing being condensed into the first 5 months of 2021. Get ready, it’s gonna be great to be back between the tapes!

Each race is conducted by separate organisations who are united by our love of trails and our ambition to provide a popular, well run series where riders can shred some of the best trails in the state.

We are excited to continue the momentum we built up over the last couple of years with another awesome series planned for 2020 – 2021. For this year we’ve gone one bigger with the addition of an new round at the iconic Mystic Bike Park in Bright! 

Race dates have been amended and we are pleased to offer racers 4 dates at 4 incredible venues:-

  1. Race 1, Falls Creek, 6 – 7 February, 2021
    Conducted by Falls Creek Resort Management on the trails of the Falls Creek Mountain Bike Park
  2. Race 2, Bright, 27 – 28 March, 2021
    Conducted by the Alpine Cycling Club on the trails at Mystic Mountain Bike Park
  3. Race 3, – Mount Beauty, 17 – 18 April, 2021
    Conducted by Team Mount Beauty MTB Club on the trails at Big Hill Bike Park 
  4. Race 4, Albury, 29 – 30 May 2021 Conducted by the Albury Wodonga MTB Club on the trails at Nailcairn Hill

Enter at least 3 of the 4 races in the Tour and receive a SUPER RAD, FREE GIFT to reward your commitment! Last year was an engraved bottle opener, year before was a trucker hat, this year it’s a…

Read the Races Page for further details on each race, and read the Rules page for details on categories, race requirements and other series information.

We are excited to be cranking up the Tour again and look forward to seeing you at the races to come. Make sure you keep up to date with what’s happening via the Victorian Gravity Enduro Facebook page.

Major photo credits to Matt Rousu

What is Gravity Enduro?

Well it is pretty much everything we love about riding mountain bikes – cruising with your friends and enjoying a good ride together and bombing the descents and being competitive when speeds are high.. get on board!!

Basically a Gravity Enduro race is conducted around a designated course that includes uphills and downhills (like any ride really), but in a Gravity Enduro you are only timed over the designated downhill segments and when you get to the bottom your time is stopped and you can ride at your own pace to the top of the next segment and then race downhill again. These time-out segments allow you to wait for your mates and compare stories and then ride on together in a friendly, social scene until its time to drop the hammer and race downhill again.

Most of the time you need to ride uphill to the top of the next descent but some events also provide either a bus+bike shuttles or chairlift rides to the top of some segments to save you riding all the uphills – happy days! The descents vary in technicality but are generally not as rough or technical as a proper downhill race track and if there are technical sections there is often an easier B-Line so riders of all abilities can get down fine.

So if you have not done a gravity enduro before then check out the Victorian Enduro Tour events and join the velorution.